Wow, hello strangers! Just a quick post to tell you I’ve signed up for this year’s Me-Made-May. If you haven’t heard of Me-Made-May, where have you been for the past 5 years? Zoe from the amazing ‘So Zo What Do You Know’ sewing blog thought up the idea to encourage those who sew, knit or crochet to wear more of their self-made garments in the month of May. You can read all about it on this year’s post here.

It’s meant to be a personal challenge so you can choose your own rules. Although, I teach others to sew every week, I’ll admit I rarely find time to sew for myself and more often than not, in the rare opportunities I do, I start cutting out but never get round to finishing a garment or something that I have plans to alter gets stuck in the ‘to-fix’ pile and I’m slowly building a hill of unwearable clothes. Saying this, I have a skirt which I made (for a class) so I’m wearing this today! I’ll post a pic on instagram later. You can follow me @MakeThriftLDN and the hashtag #mmay15 to see what everyone else in the challenge is up to.

This year, since I’ve started my own sewing classes, I really want to push myself to make time for projects for me to share with the online community and really practice what I preach. So my pledge was to wear at least one me-made, altered or refashioned garment a week and to finish one project from my ‘to-fix’ pile and document it here. So here goes nothing! Have you signed up? What was your pledge? I’d love to discover some new sewing blogs to follow.

Sorry about the lack of fancy photos. Much more exciting stuff to follow!

Daisy x